Lords of Salem – A Review.


I have seen this movie because, like some people I am a huge horror movie buff and a Rob Zombie fan. I have seen some of his previous movie such as, House of 1000 Corpses, Devils Rejects, Halloween and Halloween II. I watched this movie with the highest of hopes that it will be the best mind bending, messed up, makes you think movie. I was wrong…

I am aware Rob had full direction of this movie, as where with his previous films he just incorporated some ideas, now maybe that is why Lords of Salem wasn’t all the I expected. This movie has the typical hail Satan, nudity, Sheri Moons booty and witchcraft you can expect from a Rob Zombie film.

The movie goes like this. A Salem, MA, radio DJ receives a mysterious box that contains a record with the name The Lords of Salem, Heidi assumes it is a new band wanting to be heard, her and her co-hosts dub the band The Lords, little do they know that this record unleashes a diabolical force of evil. Way back in 1696, Reverend Jonathan Hawthorne (Andrew Prine) condemned a coven of witches led by Margaret Morgan (Meg Foster) to death, burning them without care in the woods surrounding the area. Just over 300 years later, the small town has become a beacon for anyone interested in the supernatural. Heidi Hawthorne (Sheri Moon Zombie), Herman “Whitey” Salvador (Jeffrey Daniel Phillips) and Herman Jackson (Ken Foree) are the hosts of a popular Salem radio show. One day, after interviewing noted author Francis Matthias (Bruce Davison) on the air, The following day, when Heidi plays the record on the airwaves, a strange spell falls over the local girls. Later, the Lords announce they will be performing a concert in town and the typically carefree Heidi grows increasingly withdrawn, her co-hosts think she is back on heroin but Matthias senses that the past may be returning to haunt Salem. He couldn’t be more right — something evil has returned to Salem, and with each passing day, Heidi slips ever deeper into maddness. The day of the concert all the town girls show up and Heidi locks out her two co-hosts, The Lords appear on stage and start singing all the girls strip and stand at attention to the witches. Heidi then proceeds to make her way on stage after being summoned and kills everyone and gives birth to Satan Jr.  


Some people do not like this film because they say “Sheri can’t act her way out of a paper bag.” I have too respectfully disagree, I think Sheri can act and if they haven’t seen her in any of her previous films they cannot solely base her acting experience on this movie alone. They way she is acting in this movie, goes with the feel of the movie and her acting is perfect, in my opinion.

Lords of Salem is very slow moving and seems to drag on, you can pretty much call the ending way before the movie even ends. This movie is short on scares and the gore you’d expect from a movie like this. You are better off waiting until this movie is available in Redbox or out on DVD.    

Anybody have any opinions on this movie?

Have you seen it, what do you think?

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